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Auto Paint Supplies adds two Roberlo products

Auto Paint Supplies has introduced two new Roberlo products that are ideally suited for winter applications.

Roberlo’s Multifiller Express is a high solid, very quick drying two component acrylic filler primer.

Multifiller Express delivers excellent balance between covering and fast drying, and works well with P5000, P6000 and P7000 hardeners.

When infra red dried it is sandable, and paintable in seven minutes. In a low bake oven at 60° it is
sandable and paintable in 20 Minutes. When air dryed at at 20° it is sandable and paintable in 75 minutes.

Multifiller Express is available in two colours: Grey (ME1) and Black (ME6).
Auto Paint Supplies has also introduced VT 141 Express Clearcoat, which is ideal for spot repair and air drying

VT 141 Express is a 4:1 medium solids acrylic polyurethane clear coat. It is fast drying and ideal for spot repair and air drying.

After its huge success in the United States, Roberlo is launching the VT 141 Express in Europe to offer an ultra-fast clear coat that is ideal for air drying.

Its original commercial market is the reason for its unusual US gallon format (3.78L + 0.945L). Its ultra-fast drying time is due to the combination of rapid solvents used in its formula, providing dust-free drying at 10 minutes which allows parts to be handled within 1 hour and 15 minutes at 20ºC.
Given its short drying time, it is recommended to use this product for parts repairs and not to clear coat the whole car. VT 141 Express means the cabin can be turned over quickly and can even be used for air drying, offering the body shop significant savings on diesel fuel. Its hardeners are CT5 and CT6.