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Auto Express ‘Best Buy’ win for Ring EU travel kit

Ring’s popular RCT1 European Travel Kit has won an Auto Express Best Buy 2019 award, beating the competition as the best option to pack when driving in Europe.

The test looked at whether the kits had everything needed for driving in the countries such as France, Spain or Germany and then on the “balance of contents and price”, the reviewer also looked at the quality and usability of the items included in each kit: it’s important that they are practical and useful.

The RCT1 kit includes all the essentials for driving in popular European countries, and was awarded 4.5 stars. The reviewer concluded that “Ring’s best-selling kit has everything you need to be legal in most European countries”. This includes the two NF-approved breathalysers required for driving in France, which were not included in all of the other kits on test. The reviewer also praised the “useful extras” included, such as the foil blanket and extra high-vis vest. The kit’s case was judged to be “nicely made”, and overall the RCT1 beat the competition. The conclusion: “This is a really good-value pack”.

Katy Burton, Travel Kit Product Manager, Ring, commented: “Having the right kit for travelling in Europe will help keep drivers safe, as well as avoiding a hefty fine. We’re delighted the RCT1 European Travel Kit has been awarded the Auto Express Best Buy 2019, and be named a great option in terms of quality and value for drivers.”

The legal requirements for driving in Europe differ from country to country, and if you don’t have the correct kit in the vehicle, you could be hit with an on the spot fine. The Ring RCT1 European Travel Kit has all the essentials for driving in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium and beyond.