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Auto Air Conditioning Ltd celebrates 21 years in business

Auto Air Conditioning Ltd, celebrates 21 years in business this year, specialising in vehicle air conditioning solutions. Brendan Kealy took time out to speak with John Loughran on a milestone year for the company.

2020 will go down as a milestone year for Auto Air Conditioning Ltd. In April, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic the company celebrated 21 years in business, as a specialist vehicle air conditioning solutions provider.

Brendan recalled: “Over the past 21 years we have developed our business, starting as a small air conditioning mobile service provider in 1999. We have grown to a wholesale supply / distribution and training company.”The company’s extensive customer base ranges from Automotive, Mining, Agricultural, Heavy Plant, and Refrigeration to Training colleges.

Brendan added: “Our wealth of knowledge in the servicing of air conditioning throughout the past 21 years places us best to cover any queries in relation to vehicle air conditioning.”

Brendan Kealy, MD of Auto Air

He continued: “We can provide our trade customers with genuine and patent parts, bacteria treatments, recycle stations, NSAI approved calibration services, HVAC tools, and consumables etc.?

Auto Air Conditioning Ltd prides itself on offering the best solutions for its customers’ air conditionings problems. It a point not lost of its burgeoning customer base.

Brendan explained: “Trade people know that quality in service is of the utmost importance and leak testing air conditioning is paramount in providing a great service. The best product we have to offer at the moment is our trace leak test kit, which will cover you for both R134a and 1234yf gas. This is the most effective solution to find leaks in the mobile a/c service business.”

With the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic more and more companies are offering products, which help to prevent the spread of the virus.

Auto Air Conditioning has a comprehensive range of products, which have been very well received by its customer base.

Brendan elaborated: “Over the last few months our sanitising equipment has been our best seller, given the current times we live in, we have seen an increase in demand for some of our products, from bacteria treatments, ozone purifier systems, sanitising / refreshing sprays and bombs, nebulisers etc.”

Auto Air Conditioning is getting ready to launch an exciting new product to its range of sanitising products.

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