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Webinar to look at introduction of hydrogen to Irish transport sector

The Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) Ireland North Centre will be hosting its first regional webinar of the year on Thursday, January 28 at

Potholes forcing drivers to perform dangerous manoeuvres

A recent study of road users in Ireland and the UK has found that 72 per cent of drivers have had to perform a dangerous

Meyle launches new Meyle-PD cabin air filters

Meyle has launched a new range of Meyle-PD cabin air filters, which it says feature high-quality filter media that is enhanced with specially impregnated active

Blueprint renews braking range

Blueprint has added new parts to its ever growing braking range. The company has added a new brake disc (ADU1743116) to fit the Mercedes-Benz A-Class

First Monday in January records highest breakdown levels in a year

The first Monday in January saw the highest level of breakdown assistance calls over a 12-month period in Ireland. Despite Covid restrictions putting the brakes

Cattle grid mistaken for wall by ADAS

Some cars have come off the road trying to cross a cattle grid after sensors mistook it for a wall and slammed on the brakes.

HGV traffic volumes increased in lead-up to Christmas

Traffic volumes in Ireland increased in the run up to Christmas but has since declined sharply, according to the latest Transport Bulletin from the Central

Webinar to tackle automotive skills shortage, EV challenges, opportunities

Automotive and engineering recruitment specialist, Glen Callum Associates (GCA), is hosting an exclusive webinar to kick start 2021 titled: “Auto industry skills shortage & tackling

Mercedes-Benz unveils new ‘Hyperscreen’ infotainment system

Mercedes-Benz claims it has pushed the boundaries of invention with the introduction of its futuristic-looking ‘Hyperscreen’.

Harris Group launches new Maxus eDeliver 9

The Harris Group has announced the launch of the new Maxus eDeliver 9, which is available to order now.