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ATIS Pro Scope update

The ATIS Pro Scope Software Version 6.0 is now available from distributors, Ryan’s Automotive.

Update Version 6.0, comes with a lot of new data and general improvements, including more new vehicle measurements and pre-sets, more engine management wiring diagrams, more generic system pre-sets, samples and technical information.

Update Version 6.0 also features a Sent protocal, some hybrid vehicle components, more air conditioning components, electric parking brake and new petrol and diesel components.

The are a number of general improvements to the software layout. The multi channel scope software has also be revised with many new improvements including data logging, improvements to the external trigger, crankshaft I/O has been added and several other minor changes and corrections
From version 6.0 onward (once within subscription) the software automatically downloads when there is a connection with the internet and ATIS is started.

If you still work with an older version than 5.13, 5.13 will have to be downloaded and installed first and then version 6.0 will be downloaded. For more information call Ryan’s Automotive on 051 424799 if you would like to renew your subscription