AS-PL launches on MAM Autocat v8

Gdansk based AS-PL, the privately-owned supplier of rotating electrics and ancillary parts for automotive, heavy duty, marine, agricultural and plant applications, has become the latest supplier to launch its product range on MAM Autocat v8.

As part of its global growth strategy, gaining the ability for UK & Ireland based distribution outlets to efficiently analyse and identify the correct AS-PL part for each application was the latest stage of this development.

Following many recent milestones including: new warehouse and office complex in 2013, TecDoc certificated in 2015, new factory and plant production facility in 2016 and the transformation of AS-PL into a legal form as AS-PL Sp. Z o.o. in 2017 alongside the launch of AS-PL UK Ltd, this latest announcement forms part of the company’s long-term strategy to establish itself and its brand amongst the elite in the global market.

Kevin Sharp, Director of Sales for the UK & Ireland commented: “Getting the AS-PL product portfolio onto the MAM platform was key to the next stage in our development across the UK & Ireland. We (AS-PL) have seen substantial growth in this market over the past three years and very much so in the past 12 months. To enable AS-PL to move to the next level it was imperative that we make it as easy as possible for customers from all sectors of the market to trade with the company. AS-PL haa invested massively in the past two years in I.T. platforms, including a new website and webshop, which is seen by many as ‘market leading’ due to its ease of use and navigation as well as providing all the key information the customer requires at point of Order. Applicating on the latest MAM platform was the next stage in providing that ‘ease of identification’ for its current and potential customers.”

Krzysztof Falk, Chief Operating Officer for AS-PL, who has been working directly with MAM for the past 12 months on this project added: “We were convinced that after making the decision to add the AS-PL brand to the MAM platform, the data will be high quality and the process of assimilation will be smooth and we will not be disappointed.

We are now convinced that thanks to this new service, we can better support our clients’ daily activities and strengthen our partnership.”

“The drive and ambition the management team at AS-PL have to deliver market leading products and customer service of the highest quality in my experience is unparalleled in the Automotive Aftermarket. They have invested massively over the past 5 years and continue to do so, all with the one focus of making AS-PL the very best supplier across the global aftermarket. This vision, which is clearly backed up by the actions it continues to take, clearly has been recognised and continues to do so by the global customer base it now services and providing the company data on both TecDoc, and now the MAM platform, is just another step in its long-term strategy. The company will be making several major announcements in the coming weeks of new and key Distributor agreements in the UK & Ireland, which come hot on the heels of the recent announcements of a co-operation agreement with NEXUS Automotive Central Europe (N!ACE) and Moto-Profil. Requests for visits to the company facilities across Gdansk & Lubichowo are in such demand that it is becoming a full-time job to juggle the schedules and fit them all in, but it is a great problem to have and clearly shows the level of interest there is in the company products from customers right across the globe, but especially from the UK & Ireland. We very recently welcomed ‘Commercial Diesel & Electric’ from Ireland to the company facilities and at the beginning of next month we have delegations from two more UK & Ireland based businesses also visiting AS-PL,” Sharp added.