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AquaBlade conquers aftermarket

The revolutionary and exclusive AquaBlade wiper system designed and produced by Valeo is conquering the aftermarket with key range extensions.

Aquablade, according to Valeo, is the number one wiper blade system worldwide, and is expanding its offer in the aftermarket to the Mercedes-Benz E-class, GLE-Class, S-Class and SL-Class.

As with the Valeo Silencio range, the the aim of the AquaBlade system is to bring the same OE cutting edge technologies to aftermarket professionals and drivers as quickly as possible.

Winner of the PACE Award and Automechanica Motortec Innovation Award in 2019, the Valeo AquaBlade bring exclusive innovation to its range of conventional, hybrid, flat and rear wiper blades,

What makes the Valeo AquaBladeTM unique?
Traditional wiping systems spray the washer fluid from the engine compartment bulkhead or hood. This system has a number of shortcomings, such as the uneven distribution of fluid across the windshield. Performance depends on vehicle speed and a significant waste of fluid. Most importantly, however, the spray obstructs visibility for more than a second.

The Valeo AquaBlade wiping system washes away all these flaws providing better visibility and increased safety.

The fluid is not projected onto the windshield, but is distributed along the entire length of the blade. The entire surface covered by the wiper is uniformly cleaned, whatever the speed of the vehicle.

This is particularly important for vehicles with large windshields such as minivans and some city cars. With the Valeo AquaBlade wiping system, the right amount of fluid is provided right where it is needed, thereby halving fluid consumption and significantly reducing weight.