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Anscher: a strong solution for shocks and springs

With such unpredictable weather throughout the year and its subsequent impact on the roads; it’s never been more important for suppliers to offer quality parts, with added assurance.

The Anschler range, from Euro Car Parts Team PR Reilly offers close to 200 coil spring SKUs and more than 350 shock absorber SKUs; comparable with almost 90 per cent of Original Equipment Suppliers (OES).

With its strong roots and market leading three-year warranty; Anschler products offer a real point of difference against other suppliers.

Colder weather means extra attention is often needed for springs. The combination of moisture, dirt and de-icing salt used on the roads during winter can all lead to faster wear. Coupled with lower temperatures, you can see many main springs breaking.

Anschler is well placed to protect against untimely breakages. Its main springs are made of the highest quality steel and undergo a ‘shot-peening’ process during production: a jet treatment against metal fatigue that means they’re conditioned to withstand winter conditions.

Main springs from Anschler are provided with a zinc phosphate coating, which optimally protects against corrosion. The springs also have an epoxy powder coating for maximum protection against dirt and are extensively tested for spring stiffness and stress loss during strict quality control.

Cold weather and the effect on road conditions, can also have an impact on shock absorbers; adding to normal wear and tear and potentially lessening their lifespan.

Anschler shock absorbers are produced according to Original Equipment (OE) specifications and each contain a chromed piston rod that reduces friction and prevents corrosion for a longer life. The corresponding sealing rings have been extensively tested to prevent leaks and high-quality steel and robotic welds give the shock absorbers a perfect finish.

The gas pressure technology makes for optimal driving comfort, and with a perfect grip and stability, Anschler shock absorbers are known for excellent fit and performance.

Anschler not only offers quality assurances; its parts are also protected by a 36-month, unlimited mileage warranty: a market leading proposition.

For more information contact Euro Car Parts Team PR Reilly on 01-832 0006.