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Allied Nippon brakes continue to flourish

Award-winning brand, Allied Nippon, is enjoying success both at home and abroad, thanks to its stellar range of ‘all-makes’ replacement vehicle parts. Its line of braking, in particular, is one that continues to flourish – with brake pads very much leading the way.

A comprehensive range combining excellent value-for-money and consistent, reliable performance has propelled Allied Nippon’s brake pad offering to become one of the most sought after ranges in the aftermarket.

AutoTrade.ie took a closer look at Allied Nippon’s recipe for brake pad performance: “It all starts with consistent manufacturing,” said Dr Keith Ellis, Director of Braking Product Development.

“Allied Nippon pads originate from our own production facilities giving us complete control over materials, specification, process and quality assurance. This uniformity in the manufacturing process is key to delivering reliable performance from each and every pad.”

Dig a little deeper and you quickly learn that Allied Nippon is delivering on its promise. Its brake pads are all manufactured using the same, specially formulated, NAM112A friction compound, which is proven to provide exceptional braking performance and noise properties across a range of conditions, temperatures and pressures.

Furthermore, Allied Nippon subjects its pads to rigorous testing – described as ‘super R90’ – which surpasses the minimum requirements laid out by ECE R90 regulations. One example of this is a ‘hot shear test’ designed to test the shear resistance of each pad at a scalding 300°C. Even at such temperatures, Allied Nippon pads exceed the strict R90 requirements laid out for a test that is typically conducted at much lower, room temperatures.

Dr Keith explained what other extensive testing is conducted: “We push our pads beyond the R90 minimums with more extensive dyno and on-vehicle testing. This includes hot-shear testing, as explained; wear testing, which tests durability across a range of temperatures; and noise testing at a range of speeds and pressures.

“Putting Allied Nippon pads through this more comprehensive testing programme helps elevate overall quality and performance to ensure the consistent, reliable performance demanded by the Allied Nippon brand.”

Allied Nippon brake pads are exclusively distributed in Ireland by Car Parts Distribution, Monaghan. Contact +353 (0)47 813 11 for further details.