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All the tools you need for business certainty

With much uncertainty affecting the wider economy and business confidence in general, Pro-align is advising workshop owners that by accessing the firm’s business toolbox, you can be sure of creating a winning and profitable future. 

Managing director, Paul Beaurain, explains: “Creating a successful workshop is no mean feat and requires the careful coordination of a number of key factors ranging from overall business strategy, marketing operations through to investment in the right equipment. After more than 25 years of helping workshops grow, we’ve got a wealth of experience to draw upon and we’re fully committed to helping workshops create a brighter and more certain future for themselves. It’s this unique approach, which our business is built around and sets us apart from those who merely supply workshop equipment.”

The cornerstone of Pro-Align’s approach requires working with workshops to develop a business strategy which is geared around growth and maximising owners’ return on investment. As Beaurain bluntly explains, “We offer a business opportunity and we’re not interested in selling equipment to workshops who don’t want to maximise their potential.”

Through a consultative process with owners and after creating a clear business strategy, Pro-Align provides the appropriate equipment to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. As the sole UK and Ireland distributor for Hunter equipment, the Pro-Align name is familiar to many as it’s developed an enviable reputation for innovation, high-quality and trust which is actively sought out by motorists across the country.

With the equipment successfully installed, pro-Align then helps workshop owners drive traffic to their door through the provision of a comprehensive range of marketing support services. Further support and guidance are provided at management level through Hunter’s innovative cloud-based HunterNet system. Unique to the market, the system gives workshop owners a wealth of management information which is available 24/7 to help them manage and plan their business better.

The final element of Pro-Align’s business certainty approach is its dedication to customer care. With all elements of pre and post sales care handled in-house, Pro-Align maintains tight control over every element of the business, ensuring customers receive the very best levels of care and attention. From installation to equipment calibration, training through to parts support, no area is left to chance which ensures that any downtime is kept to a minimum and revenue opportunities are maximised.

“Our comprehensive approach is truly unique within our industry and it’s something that we’re very proud of,” concludes Beaurain. “These levels of attention to detail and additional factors are the things that can make a difference between a workshop which follows the ebb and flow of the wider economy and one which can create its own path to success.”