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AIG launches SmartLane

AIG Ireland has launched its new telematics driving app, AIG SmartLane which encourages safer driving and could save drivers over €120 (Up to 20 per cent discount. €120 saving is calculated based on Average premium of €600) on the cost of their car insurance.

The AIG SmartLane “try before you buy” app is a new telematics app available to any driver, regardless of who they are insured with. Any driver can download the app for free and take part in the AIG SmartLane challenge. All the driver has to do is drive a minimum of 1000km over a continuous 60 day period to receive continuous feedback through the app.

Dublin players, from left, Jake Malone, Lauren Magee, Jonny Cooper and Ali Twomey were at the National Sports Campus to launch AIG’s “try before you buy” SmartLane driving app

Throughout the challenge, drivers have full access to their individual journeys and scores through the AIG SmartLane App. Each driver receives an overall score which indicates how well they have driven.

The higher the score, the better their driving, and the higher the discount a driver can claim at the end of the challenge. Drivers who achieve a score of over 70 will automatically qualify for discounts off their new car insurance with AIG – drivers can save as much as 20 per cent on their car insurance.

  • Score 85-89 15 per cent discount (Distinction)
  • Score: 90+ 20 per cent discount (Master)

By using the AIG SmartLane App, drivers can measure their driving performance and will also receive real-time driving tips to help them improve. The app uses smartphone GPS technology to measure driving performance including speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, time of day usage and the length of time of each journey. AIG says that the feedback received is ideal for any driver who wants to improve their driving and save on their car insurance costs.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Aidan Connaughton, Head of Consumer Insurance at AIG in Ireland said: “The uniqueness of our new AIG SmartLane “try before you buy” app is that any driver can download and use it for free. You don’t have to be an AIG customer to use it and take part in the SmartLane challenge. Users of the app will see that when they drive safely their behaviour will be recognised and rewarded.”

He added: “Our hope is that more drivers will use telematics solutions, reaping the benefit of driving more carefully and ultimately saving on their car insurance costs. This is the latest telematics solution from AIG and complements our highly successful XLNTdriver Mobile App and AIG BoxClever young driver product. This cutting edge technology allows us to take a unique approach to pricing car insurance, educating drivers on improving behaviours and helps AIG to communicate with customers in a new way. AIG is committed to safe driving and saving lives in our communities by innovating technology to help improve driving behaviours on the road.”