ADE offers advice on oil and fuel additives

With high fuel prices and modern vehicles placing increasing demands on their more compact engines, oil and fuel additives are now attracting attention from more and more motorists, according to Auto Diesel Electric (ADE).

ADE says that oil and fuel additives offer the possibility of smoother, better performing engines, better long term engine protection, reduced call for repairs and crucially, lower emissions and fuel consumption.

When it comes to additives, Liqui Moly offers unrivalled expertise, product range, quality and value, ADE says.

Liqui Moly has a full range of advanced formulation additives which can deliver genuine benefits, yet are competitively priced to be well within the budget of drivers.

Liqui Moly additives and treatments mean cleaner combustion, lower fuel consumption and an improved driving experience. Soot, tar, acid and other contamination can build up inside an engine when it goes for a long period without treatment.

Liqui Moly additives provide the necessary cleaning and protection to keep an engine performing at its optimum level.

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