A perfect balance with Haweka and Techplus

Workshop equipment specialists Techplus is taking wheel balancing to a new level with Haweka’s Quick Plate V, which has been described as the new generation of variable flange plate adaptors.

Hugh Brady of Techplus says the QuickPlate V system delivers a “perfect balance” and is a “must have” piece of equipment for workshops looking to get the very best results out of their wheel balancer.In order to achieve professional and optimum balancing results, many factors must be considered when using centring and clamping devices.

“The variable flange plate adapter QuickPlate V delivers for perfect mounting of the vehicle wheel on the wheel balancer and is suitable for four, five and six stud wheels,” Brady (pictured) told AutoTrade.ie.

A correct implementation of the balancing process is crucial for driving comfort, safety and customer satisfaction. Perfect balancing begins before starting the wheel balancer with the optimum centring and correct clamping of the wheel!

The QuickPlate V simulates the correct clamping pressure, as the wheel nuts on the car. An inclination when inserting along the rim is not possible, which ensures an optimum balancing result.

For more information on the Haweka QuickPlate V system contact Techplus on + 353 (0) 1 404 9060