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A Message For You

We are temporarily suspending publishing in response to the growing impact of the Coronavirus. Effective from this Friday afternoon, March 20. It is expected that this action will continue for a number of weeks.

Our action follows the World Health Organisation’s designation of Europe as the new epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic with the number of reported cases growing significantly here in Ireland in recent days and expected to continue to rise rapidly.

Our decision to temporarily halt publication will also will contribute towards the efforts to contain the virus spread. The health and welfare of our team at Automotive Publications, our print and other sub-contractors, callers to our premises, and all their families is our priority.

We will resume publishing all print and online titles when the health authorities deem that it is safe to do so.

As of now, the Auto Trade EXPO, which is not due for 7 months yet, will go ahead as scheduled on October 17 and 18. Should that need to change, it will be postponed if we believe such action would be appropriate in the interest of the health of everyone at that time.

So the message is clear – the Auto Trade EXPO and CV Workshop EXPO will go ahead. As it is not an annual exhibition, we can postpone it if necessary, as there is no 2021 EXPO scheduled.

The second and most important reason that it will go ahead is that at that stage the wider Irish auto aftermarket industry will badly need this opportunity to really kick-start their businesses. It will provide our circa 250 exhibitors with the ideal opportunity to meet thousands of their existing and potential customers face to face. Both the exhibitors and auto aftermarket trade visitors will need and welcome this timely major boost.

Should any very important issues, please contact me directly at and I will endeavour to resolve it and get back to you.

Surviving the Pandemic

In the meantime, I’m sure you are all taking the Covid-19 CoronaVirus very seriously now, and that needs to be taken to the next level to protect your families, friends, and neighbours. This is an invisible killer with no cure as of now.

Please follow the best health advice and do even more where this is possible. If you or yours have an underlying medical conditions, you need to take even greater precautions. In such cases, you should possibly then be in self isolation. Many of us may not be showing any or very little in the way of symptoms, but we can unwittingly be silent carriers.

We cannot be in anyway reckless or even partaking in any unnecessary contact with others. Such behaviour could possibly bring this deadly virus to much more vulnerable people in your lives, your family, your parents, grandparents, etc. and not to hold back, that could be a death sentence for some more vulnerable others in our lives.

If you haven’t already decided to do so, please stay away from all social gatherings of any kind, minimise or eliminate all unnecessary contact with others and take your own personal hygiene, and that of those you have responsibility for to a new high level.

This really is a scary time and if you are not worried or taking it very seriously, you really should be by now.

Stay safe yourself and watch out for others as best you can. We hope and pray to see you well and hearty, the other side of this pandemic.

We are in this together, so take care and keep yourself and those you care for, all safe and well.

Kindest regards on behalf of all our team.

Padraic Deane,
Publisher and Managing Director,
Automotive Publications Ltd.