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A flat floor and rear diffuser delivers remarkable aerodynamics

Renault’s Alpine sub-brand is set to return in 2017. A new mid-engined sports car using a lightweight aluminium platform. Alpine has previously revealed that it will get a lightweight aluminium chassis/platform (and parts) as well as aluminium bodywork.

And now, it has announced that the air flow will be a key factor in the new Alpine’s performance and efficiency.

A view from underneath the new Alpine in the wind tunnel.

The combination of a flat floor, a technique carried over from the world of supercars and high-level motor racing, and a rear diffuser located beneath the rear bumper will allow significant downforce and excellent stability.

The resulting aerodynamic efficiency has eliminated the need for a rear spoiler and allowed the design team and engineers to achieve the sleek, fluid upper body shape that Alpine owners know and love.

Expect a 0-100kmph (0-62mph) time of 4.5 seconds, and in France the Premiere Edition cars should sell for between €55,000-€60,000. More details will be available later in 2017.

We are told that a limited run of 1,955 Premiere cars is a reference to 1955, the year Alpine’s first model was presented. It has been revealed that every car in this early run will receive a plaque fixed to the centre console with its production number, and after a €2,000 (£1,700) deposit customers will be able to choose their preferred car, if available.