A.D.S expands diagnostic tools range

Wexford based Automotive Diagnostic Services has now expanded its range of diagnostic tools and is now offering two high spec tools to suit customers needs.

A.D.S. has had great success distributing the Tecnomotor range since 2008. Tecnomotor has long since produced great tools for European cars and now has ever expanding Asian coverage.

The latest addition to the Tecnomotor range is the Socio 400, a laptop based diagnostic interface which also incorporates a high spec two channel oscilloscope with Easyfix functions giving the user a guided test procedure, component locations and wiring diagrams related to the fault code present.

Coverage updates over the last year especially have brought the tool forward in leaps and bounds.

To complement the Tecnomotors range A.D.S. now offers the Vedis II from Autoland Scientech.

Autoland Scientech Vedis II boasts great Asian coverage but in addition near dealer level coverage on BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Volvo, Land Rover and Porsche and coverage for over 40 manufacturers in total. A very fast boot up time and easy to use interface with just five buttons for vehicle and function selection make it a very fast and user friendly tool.

A.D.S are constantly working with these companies to develop their tools as they use this equipment in their own workshop on a daily basis putting them in a great position to advise customers on the right products to suit their needs. These new products will allow A.D.S. to provide customers with more options and more specific tools to suit their needs.