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A breath of fresh air from Behr Hella Service

In common with many of the intricate systems now incorporated into their design, the heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) of the modern commercial vehicle (CV) is an enormously complicated piece of engineering, which, in order to continue to operate at its optimum efficiency, requires regular maintenance carried out by competent, trained technicians.

Thermal management expert, Behr Hella Service has a wealth of technical knowledge and an outstanding product range that can ensure that independent workshops have the tools they need to service these systems to the highest standard.

However, to fully achieve this goal, workshops not only need to fit premium quality products, they also need to have a complete understanding of the HVAC system and be aware of the issues that can sometimes cause problems, as well as to be kept abreast of any technological developments. To effectively tackle all these matters and empower the independent CV sector, Behr Hella Service has recently launched its Advanced Training Academy (ATA).

Although the academy focuses on giving technicians essential updates on the technical developments of the HVAC system, it is also designed to refresh their memories on existing challenges and highlights industry best practice.

Head of Business Development for Behr Hella Service, Steve Hudson, said: “This is a really exciting initiative for the CV workshop, as it solidifies their knowledge concerning the systems – making them more confident in their abilities – and also teaches them new things about technologies they may not have yet come across.

“It’s really important that the industry has access to specific training, as it motivates technicians to continue learning new skills and keeps them up to speed with what is happening in the HVAC sector.

“It’s also a great opportunity for workshops wishing to expand their business or if they want to focus on becoming specialists in the area. Being trained by one of the leading thermal management experts in the original equipment (OE) and aftermarket sectors, is definitely an opportunity of which they should take advantage and the icing on the cake is the fact that it’s free!

“We are making the ATA training available through the CV factor, so workshops need to let them know their requirements and they will liaise with us.”

To register interest, workshops need only to complete the online form found at:

With more than 7,500 references and covering all manner of components from compressors to Visco® fans, the Behr Hella Service portfolio provides CV workshops with the solution to virtually every HVAC related issue. Grouped under two headings, the Premium Line range extends to around 4,500 part numbers and is sourced from OE manufacturers, while the remaining 3,000 references form the basis of the Standard product range, which is produced to OE specifications.

In many cases customers will still be able to choose between an OE or standard product for specific applications, with Behr Hella Service maintaining its strategic focus on product quality, price levels and service. Standard products will produce equal performance under normal conditions, whereas the Premium Line offers higher performance reserves to cope with extreme conditions and is designed to last for the entire life of the vehicle.

Additional support comes in the form of numerous technical resources from a compressor app that provides fitting, filling volumes and trouble-shooting advice, to the HELLA TECH WORLD website – – where technicians will find all the information they need to carry out a first class repair.