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66% want more Gardai to combat drink driving

New research conducted here in Ireland by American International Group (AIG) a leading global insurer has revealed that the majority of Irish drivers do not believe there is enough of a Garda presence on our roads to tackle both drink driving and speeding.

The independent research was from across a nationally representative sample of 1000 people to produce the AIG Road Safety Report which investigates attitudes towards road safety and driver behaviour on Irish roads.

The research reveals that some 66 per cent of people do not believe there are enough Gardaí on the roads to tackle drink driving. This was slightly less of a concern amongst the male sample with 25 per cent of males versus 16 per cent of females of the view there is sufficient Garda presence to tackle drink driving.

Meanwhile, only 23 per cent feel that there is a sufficient Garda presence on the roads to combat speeding.
Research findings also highlighted that the vast majority (74pc) feel that the current condition of Irish roads contributes to the number of accidents that occur. This statistic can be linked to a clear call from the public to make our roads safer with 60 per cent of respondents looking for the Government to do more in this regard.

In addition, 71 per cent of people surveyed stated that they rarely see passengers not wearing their seatbelt which may be deemed a positive result by An Garda Síochána and the wider road safety community. However 55 per cent of drivers claim to regularly see someone driving while using a handheld device, which is not good news with regard to enforcement.