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60pc of people surveyed by UK car dealer say no to public transport in wake of pandemic

Almost two thirds of people questioned are planning to stop using public transport in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic according to Motorpoint. It is the UK largest independent car retailer (with branches across England, Scotland and Wales) and the survey was conducted by them online. 

The company says that the new web-based survey found 60.2 per cent of people wouldn’t be returning to the buses, trains or trams in the future. Over 630 people took part in the poll on the their website. It would seem fair to assume that visitors to their website would largely be car buyers, so it is not a broad sample of society.

The results of the poll come as the British Government continues to urge people to only use public transport as a last resort wherever possible and instead cycle, walk or drive in an effort to limit the chances of a resurgence of COVID-19 through the use of the buses, trains or trams among others.