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201 offers from Ireland’s most affordable car brand

Dacia tells us that the 201 Sales Events will take place across the brand’s network of 27 dealerships around Ireland from today (Thursday 21st.) to this Saturday (23rd.).

It says that potential customers can avail of the following offers from what is already acclaimed as Ireland’s most affordable car brand:

It is offering a zero deposit with 4.9 per cent APR finance rate on the Duster SUV, compact Sandero, Sandero Stepway SUV, or Logan MCV.

Dacia Ireland boasts that the rugged Dacia Duster SUV is shockingly affordable from just €75 per week with Dacia Bank. And that these 201 offers are available on all orders taken from now until 31st January 2020.

It also says that their potential customers can also avail of further un-named offers at their local dealership, and that their offers are simple and transparent, which claim to deliver real and substantial savings to customers.