Garage trade get credit card scam warning

The garage trade around the country have been warned to be on the look out for a gang of thieves that are buying large quantities of tyres, using stolen credit cards.

The warning comes from a Midlands based tyre retailer, that fell victim to the scam this week. The retailer explained that he received a phone call from a man with what he thought was a Nigerian accent last Wednesday, June 8.

The man ordered and paid for 20 tyres using a credit card, and told the retailer that the tyres would be collected the following morning.

On Monday of this week, the retailer received a second phone call, this time from a woman with an Irish accent. She proceeded to purchase and pay for another large quantity of tyres using a credit card. The tyres were collected on Monday afternoon.

When the retailer, received a third call yesterday (Tuesday) morning, he became suspicious. The retailer took the order from a man with a Nigerian sounding accent, and then tipped off the Gardai. When a man arrived on Tuesday afternoon, he was quickly arrested by the Gardai.

The retailer told www.autotrade.ie that Gardai believe all three incidents are related. The credit card details on each occasion were different.

The total value of tyres totalled €3,400. Retailers offered tyres in unusual circumstances are asked to contact the Gardai.

The following tyres were stolen

25 x 195/65/15 Tigar
5 x 185/65/15 Rapid
5 x 2-5/65/16 Starmaxx
5 x 215/55/16 Avon
5 x 205/55/16 Kormoran
5 x 205/60/16 Vee Rubber
5 x 185/65/15 Kormoran
4 x 215/65/16 Starmaxx

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